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   I often joke that I was the "cake-loving, pudgy kid." (I still am.) Desserts just seemed like a natural career path for me. In 2010, after a brief stint grilling burgers in a cowboy bar during Culinary School, I decided to start dessert catering on my own. I saw the joy that amazing desserts can bring to people and it changed me profoundly. With help from my husband, Zane, we went to work building Hungry Hero. I began creating from scratch recipes based on desserts that I remember from childhood, plus a few new favorites. I kept Zane busy taste testing all of my creations. His main job at the time was to keep me together while I stood in the kitchen, on the verge of a meltdown, clutching sheets of parchment with French macarons attached that didn’t set properly in the oven. That’s all behind us now.  I've since graduated culinary school & Zane, well... he still talks me off a ledge when a recipe doesn't quite turn out how I want.

     Over the years we’ve found our identity. Myself in the kitchen & my husband behind the scenes handling daily operations.  We’ve built a business around desserts that we love. Desserts that are homemade and not pretentious. We strive to bring back the nostalgic feeling of when life wasn't complicated. Your job was keeping your room clean, going to school and the hard choices were which crayon do you use to color in your Ninja Turtles coloring book?  Pulling inspiration from sweets we remember as children and our own food-loving experience growing up in the eclectic Northwest.  We have created our own recipes for desserts that we love!

     The goal of the Hungry Hero is to make you feel good. Plain and simple. Let's be honest, is there really anything more perfect than biting into a chewy, chocolate brownie or a slice of creamy cheesecake? We certainly don't think so! Whether you are hosting a large party or just lounging at home, these desserts are perfect for any occasion. We're a small batch baking kitchen to ensure quality and that fantastic homemade feeling we all know and love. That will never change!


We are so excited to share our desserts with you!


-Alex & Zane

Sherwood Oregon

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